Boulder County Director of Community Services

Had a great meeting with Robin Bohannan of Boulder County.  When we met with Deb Gardner, one of the Boulder County Commissioners, she suggested that a meeting with Robin might lead to others who might have an interest in the work we are doing.  So we met with Robin today and it was interesting to hear about all the politics and difficulties that happen with even the smallest projects in the city.  She told us that one of the most difficult things about Boulder was that the people are very unwilling to entertain any new projects in the area, no matter how beneficial it is to others.  She called them the NIMBYs – the ones that say “it sounds great, but… not in my back yard”

During the meeting Robin told us about the difficulties we will face with building ETR in Boulder County.  She told us that it would be virtually impossible to do it in the county but then relayed a story about a woman named Isabel who came into Boulder with a grand idea to create a program  for the homeless called “Ready to Work.” She didn’t know anyone, but she was determined and she made it happen in a way that made Robin say “it was like she waved a wand” and everything fell into place. But she has never seen a project go through that didn’t have dozens of obstacles to overcome and Isabel was the exception.

Like everyone else who has heard about ETR, she loves the concept and believes that it’s a great model for Colorado. She encouraged us to check out the east side of the highway in Weld County.  She also gave us additional names of people to connect with who will be interested in hearing about ETR.  Another beneficial meeting with more leads!


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