Community Leaders Breakfast

It’s been a great couple of days.  Last night we presented to the Town of Frederick’s Board of Trustees.  This morning, we walked into the Community Leaders Breakfast and participated in discussions with United Way of Weld County and other community leaders.  It felt great to have been invited to participate and I am excited to see that each of these towns are commitment working together to create stronger communities.

A couple of members from the Town of Frederick’s Board of Trustees were also at the meeting which was a great opportunity to share more about ETR.  I was talking to Michael when I overheard the Board Member (Fred) ask his neighbor if she had, or knew someone who had, any land for ETR.  That was just another experience that encourages me to push on and know that we will find the monetary support we seek.  Not only is there a need for ETR, but there is a desire and excitement that people share with us that sets my soul on fire.

Staying true to the vision and trusting that we are on the right path.

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