We felt that it was important for anyone out there who is trying to promote a fundraiser to know about a few frauds out there.

The first is GoGoTargeted.  We had hired another organization to do some marketing of our fundraiser.  We paid them $300 and had the first worst experience with a company that says they are going to help your fundraiser get seen.(Look for Creative Think and avoid them also).

Well, we lost that first $300 and so when I found GoGoTargeted, I was very excited because they said they will provide copies of everything they do to promote your campaign.  But also I was pleased to see that they would offer a money back guarantee.

Well, it sounded good.  This is their website.  http://www.gogotargeted.com/

We paid for the Heroic Plan.  Again, it sounded good.

This is what you need to know.  I worked with a guy named Gregg Bates.  He seems legitimate enough with his little bio.

Gregg Bates

Age: 62

Experience: 40+ Years

Education: Harvard Business School (MBA)

Work Status: Gregg Bates has worked for companies like Intel, Google, Crossmark and AdHarmonics. He is currently self employed and owns various businesses.

Surely this guy is on the up and up, right?  Wrong.

We had 1 month left of our fundraiser campaign on IndieGoGo to be seen.  We paid on the 4th of the month and it took them THREE WEEKS TO ANALYZE.

We had a few days left on our campaign and Gregg told me that they had done what they were supposed to do.  I have a dozen emails that I did not get a response to including all the emails asking him to show me the blog posts.

I paid for the Heroic Plan so this is what I should have received according to their website:

  1. Soon after the order, we will analyse everything in your campaign deeply. (We take extra time and care in analysis.)
  2. Share your campaign with more than 120,000 real and most active followers (interested in your category) WITH DIFFERENT accounts daily on twitter-MAKING IT A HIGHLY TARGETED SERVICE.
  3. Retweet your campaign tweets more than 10000 times everyday so that your campaign remains on top of indiegogo (hashtag ‘#’).
  4. Share your campaign with more than 150,000 real and most active fans/followers/subscribers (interested in your category) WITH DIFFERENT accounts daily on facebook-MAKING IT AGAIN A HIGHLY TARGETED SERVICE.
  5. Guest post on 8 popular blogs in YOUR category.
  6. Advertise your campaign strategically on Google from Google Adwords — thus opening every possibility of exposure from google.
  7. Advertise your campaign strategically on Facebook — thus opening every possibility of exposure from facebook which recieves 1 Billion+ visitors every day.

We have different twitter and facebook accounts for different categories and each of them contains 120,000 and 150,000+ most real and active followers.

Also as a proof, we will give you the links of our shares daily, so that you know that you have invested in THE BEST place.

If you are really serious about your campaign, then this is the best service for you. You should really go for it – I seriously advise you to not waste your money. 

On JUNE 24th Gregg tells me in an email

Hi Danielle!

Its good… Though, we would be starting your campaign soon.


This is 20+ days after we paid for their service.  20 days that my campaign ran without them sharing it, tweeting it, blogging about it, nothing.

Still I was kind in my emails.  On June 26th I wrote to Gregg:

Hello again… Can you please tell me what your status is with our payment made back on June 5th?  I understand that you are still doing analysis, but we would like an update since it’s been more than 3 weeks. 

Your website does say that you do an analysis, but it does not say that the analysis takes up to a month.  This would be critical information for anyone who has a current fundraiser out there. 

I appreciate any feedback you can give us about this.

Thank you,
On June 27th I sent another email:
On June 29th I sent yet another email:

Is it possible to get on the phone with you or someone regarding our campaign?  I have questions and concerns and I would really like to get an understanding of your process

If you are still doing analysis, is that for the IndieGoGo campaign or for our nonprofit organization site in general? 

We hired you on June 5th and thought that you would have at least been able to get this campaign out for a couple of weeks.  Of course, we had no idea that your analysis takes 3+ weeks so this is where we made the error in using your services.  Had we known that, we would have hired you much sooner. 

At this point, we have to have a new campaign out there because IndieGoGo is finished and we didn’t meet our goal. 

On June 30th, this response:

Yes, we would be giving you the report of our work this weekend.

I responded:

I apologize, but your communications are so brief and never respond to my concerns.  Is there someone there that I can talk to that could actually communicate with me about this? 

I don’t understand what your or your team has been doing for the past month.    I don’t understand whether or not you have only completed an analysis or if you actually put our fundraiser out there – which is a little late at this point since it expired while you were doing your analysis. 

Now that we are putting out a new fundraiser to hopefully get marketed by your company, I am more confused than ever about how we move forward. 

I would really like to talk to someone who could answer my questions. 

I understand that it is more than likely that you and your team are working other jobs.  I understand that, but if this is a business you are serious about getting off the ground, it would be best if you could offer some clear communication.  We hired you almost a month ago and your communication with us about your procedure, where you are in the process, etc has left something to be desired. 

Please let me know when I might be able to talk to someone of if there is someone else that I could communicate with that might be able to answer my questions and concerns. 

Thank you,
On July 1, I received this:
Here you go. Here is the proof of the work that we have been doing to help your campaign. Apart from this, we have given several backlinks to your campaign. We have also given some private and secret calls to the potential backers along with private messages. We did exactly as described in the service.

From the very first day of your order, we started working on your campaign. Firstly, some time in the starting was gone in the analysis and seeing what was best to give your exposure to the potential backers and people and then the rest of the work was done.


Ok, great… it sounds good, but I paid for all of these things.  Where are the blogs and where are the facebook posts?  Specifically:


  • Guest post on 8 popular blogs in YOUR category.
  • Advertise your campaign strategically on Google from Google Adwords — thus opening every possibility of exposure from google.
  • Advertise your campaign strategically on Facebook


Since the 1st of July I have sent 5 emails asking for copies of blogs and proof of the other work.  Nothing.

Hi Gregg,

Thanks for the info.  So we were under the impression from your emails that you were still doing analysis up until the 19th or 20th at least.  We thought you were going to tell us when you were posting our campaign.  I see that you posted on Twitter, what about the rest?

Where are the blogs you posted so that I can go see them?

Can you please send me the links to the blog post, and the facebook targeted ads?  What did the blog posts say, etc.  Where on Facebook, etc?

​Since it didn’t get run until the very end of the month, we didn’t have an opportunity for continued exposure.  I am very interested in seeing the blogs you wrote and also seeing where they are posted. 

I appreciate it.
So here is the bottom line.  They are taking money of people who are trying to do something good with their fundraiser and NOT performing the services you pay for and also falsely saying that they give a money back guarantee.  Had they showed me copies of the blogs and where I could see them, I would have felt ok about the fact that the little that they did do, did absolutely NOTHING.  We didn’t receive one single donation from their 3 weeks of analysis.
Look, for us it is the principal of the matter.  You say you are going to do a certain service for a certain price and we really believe you are going to do what you say.  But to not receive any responses about the blogs that they said they would post about our campaign tells me that they are not operating with integrity.
We have sent several emails asking for a response and received none.  If they would have shown ANY professional courtesy, I would not be writing this.  But I am truly disgusted by people who can take other people’s money and get away with it.  It’s just not right.
So this is your warning… Avoid GoGoTargeted and find a different way to get your fundraiser seen because this organization will just take your money.
I have copies of all emails and will have them posted as soon as I can.



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