In the Flow

We have made so many personal connections in the last month and things are moving very quickly.  We have been sharing our business plan with other like-minded agencies as well as individuals whom we may be able to partner or work with in some capacity.  Because we are still in NM until the end of the month, we have been driving to Colorado every few weeks.  We have been home from our last trip for only a few days and we leave again next week for meetings and strategic planning with our growing team in Boulder County.  We are also meeting with the Boulder County Commissioners office to discuss property zoning and potential locations.  We are thankful that Boulder County has special programs in place to actively address the issue of homelessness within the county.

What has been incredible for me personally is witnessing the way people have responded to ETR when I explain our intention and the way the programs and facility, in general, will work. The enthusiasm and support from my peers encourages me and inspires me to push even harder.  But it also gives me great hope that there are many others our there that are as passionate about these issues as we am. Each day I hold onto the hope that our IndieGoGo fundraiser will be seen by some of those folks.

But in the meantime, I am staying focused on every facet of making this happen.  And really, I mean “we” because this is definitely a team effort and I would not be here if it were not for the many people who have come into my life to lovingly participate or support me.  Our whole team is focused helping to bring attention to ETR and our programs.

For me, there is no going back to working for someone else and doing anything other than this. This is my life and there is nothing more important to me than this project and the impact we want to have.


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