It All Started …

I think it was this time last year, January 2014 that my beautiful partner, Michael, and I began talking about what we would do if money were no object and we were following our bliss.  Our conversation evolved quickly and I found myself living in this vision that we were creating.  So I decided that I would put this vision to video and I searched the internet endlessly to find images that represented parts of my idea. Of course there was a learning curve for me because I had no idea how to create a video!  My original video is not as mild as the one that I have been presenting to people  You can see the current video here::

It was extremely dramatic and depicted much more of the sadness of the issues that are involved – young kids struggling and animals in horrific conditions due to neglect and lack of love.  So after sending the original video to friends and family for feedback, I was encouraged to edit it.   Reduce it in size and, for the love of God, make it less gut wrenching!  So I did.  It took weeks for me to get it all done and the revised video finalized.

Soon after, we ended up connecting with a woman, Susan, who helped us organize our ideas and put the info to paper, creating our vision mission statement and clarifying the programs we intend to offer. She was an amazing part of our beginning process and I am so grateful for her the help she gave us..  By March we were in full creative mode and had many meetings ironing out all the details of Earth Tribe Ranch, affectionately referred to as ETR.  We filed our Articles of Incorporation, opened our bank account and continued with development.  We worked on ETR  right up until, and through, my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in April of 2014.  That’s a whole other story and if you’re interested, you can read my article about my experience here:

So while I was having that whole cancer diagnosis experience, I continued to work on ETR with Michael and Susan into the Fall of 2014.  At that point, Susan decided that she needed to focus on her personal business endeavors and so we parted ways with her.  We put ETR on the shelf once the holidays started to come.  But it sat in me, waiting.

During the months that ETR was on the shelf, I spent some time thinking about whether or not I can pull a project like this off.  This is not a small undertaking. This is monumental and I have had some fear about that.  So I had to be honest with myself… do I have what it takes to make this happen?  What I do know is that I have, what I think, is an awesome and beautiful vision that could potentially help many young people and animals in need while also helping to teach about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint on this planet.

So after months of being on the shelf, ETR has come back to life, along with my passion and drive to see it through.  I realize that there are many people and organizations that will see my passion and determination and support me because of that.  Others will support me because they too are passionate about the issues. I just need to get this vision seen by those people!

I have to also say that I believe I am being guided to do this work and that I am being supported spiritually. There needs to be change on this planet.  More love and support of one another, more kindness toward all living beings and more consideration for this beautiful Earth.

Realizing that I must have a non-profit business plan, and with our lack of experience and time, I began seeking professional help.  I had to admit that I needed some assistance.  This is an entirely new adventure for me and I would like the support of someone who can help me with putting together a stellar business plan that includes my financials.  I literally woke last weekend with the words “go fund me” going through my mind. So I decided to launch a small fundraiser to help with the cost of that assistance.

We have had the intention of launching a fundraiser on IndieGoGo and have put some of that together, but without a business plan, we feel it won’t get much serious attention. We want to do it right. So the small fundraiser I launched is specifically to raise the money for the filing of our tax exempt documents and for the business plan.

We’ll see how it goes!


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