Land Zoning Difficulties? Agritainment!

In February of this year, 2015, one of my dear friends told me that the biggest issue he sees us having is with land zoning.  For the last several months, we have met with many land use personnel and determined the zoning requirements we require for the Ranch to be everything we envision and intend without having to change a thing.  So we have spent the last several months in making connections with people and organizations in an effort to bring awareness, garner community support, board members, collaborative relationships and donations. We had not explored Weld County until the strange twist of events occurred that relocated us from Boulder to Weld. So while most of our connections and efforts had been spent in Boulder County, we shifted our efforts to Weld County and began meeting with agencies, community members, make them aware of us, but also to become community members

One of the best days of the journey to finding the best location for the Ranch was the day we met with the Town of Frederick’s Town Manager, Matt LeCerf and their land use team member Chris Kennedy.  After sharing ETR’s mission and how our programs can change the lives of young people in need, we started talking about zoning.  Chris started looking through his land use codes and then said “here it is – Agritainment”

Agritainment means a for-profit business operation,located and operated on an agricultural property. The business provides educational and/or entertainment opportunities to its patrons in an agriculturally oriented environment by way of activities, events, demonstrations, displays, interactive participation, tours, lectures, and/or the sale of agriculturally related products.

Characteristic uses permitted in an agritainment business include but are not limited to:
1.     Animal petting zoo and farm animal centers
2.     Community event
3.     Concessions
4.     Country store/craft shop
5.     Cultural or special events and religious festivals
6.     Educational activities and programs
7.     Farm tours
8.     Farmers market
9.     Farm-life activities and entertainment
10.   Thematic vacations or events

Basically this allows us to do all of the activities and educational programs we have intended. So we finally are clear about where we could find land that we can get the correct zoning without having to sacrifice our programs. The best part was the welcome we felt from the Town of Frederick.

Feeling very excited and grateful for the turn of events that brought us to the Carbon Valley.


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