McKinney-Vento Meeting

Last month in our meeting with United Way of Weld County, we were introduced to McKinney Vento and the awesome work they do in the schools.  Yesterday we met with Luis Chavez, a McKinney Vento liason and Marc Fortney of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services.  It is always so exciting to present ETR and to have people excited about us and what we are creating.

Our intention with connecting with Marc and Luis was so that we could talk about some of the current youth that are experiencing homelessness and whom they are assisting.  It was also our hope to be connected with some of those youth so that we could talk to them and get some input from them.

In one of our meetings in September, I had a conversation with Cindy Noble who is the founder of A Woman’s Work but who also has a lot of experience with nonprofit organizations.  She gave us some beautiful and valuable information and one of the things she had said to us that stuck with me was to ask the homeless kids out there right now what they think of ETR and how it would and could work for them.

So it is our hope and intention to be speaking with some homeless youth in the area and getting their feedback on our programs.  Once again, it was a very positive meeting and we are excited to be connected with both McKinney-Vento and BOCES.  Thank you!

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