It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.  Though you can’t tell from our fundraiser, there is much going on with our organization development and funding.  I encourage myself daily and look for evidence that I am still solidly on track with manifesting this, what feels like gynormous, beautiful vision of helping our young people.  As we journey into the next couple of weeks of our fundraiser, I have hope that we will connect with the right people who are compassionate toward the issues we intend to have an effect on. Those that share our vision and are in a monetary position to help us effect meaningful change in the lives that could come through the Ranch and our programs.

So today is another day filled with doing what I love and that is connecting with the amazing team of people we have assembled.  We have recently connected with and invited onto our Advisor Board, a sustainable builder, veterinarian and wellness director.  Our Board of Directors has grown in leaps and bounds with the addition of Tim Stoakes as our Program Development Director, Tracy Halward as our Sustainability Director and James Gerhard as our Facilities Director.

Every day we connect with more people who are like minded.  I’m just going to keep moving forward.

In gratitude for the awesomeness of my life!

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