Advisers on Board?

Since launching our IndieGoGo campaign, more and more people have been learning about our organization and our intentions to help bring awareness to the issues we seek to help.  It has always been our belief that ETR will appeal to many and that all kinds of people will come forward with a desire to be a part of our team.  That has absolutely happened with our current team.

Since launching our campaign, we have met Tracy Halward who has come on board as the Director of Agriculture and Organics on the Ranch.Her background is ideal for the intentions of the Ranch and we feel very fortunate to have her on our team.  We have also connected with Tim Stoakes who comes with a plethora of information about the homeless situation in Boulder County.  I can’t help but feel like we have been guided to just the right people.  It’s been an amazing and beautiful thing to watch all the pieces and players come together.

We have had the same hope about the members of our Advisory Board. We really are hoping that ETR will appeal to a variety of professionals that we would like to have on our Advisory Board.  For example, a veterinarian, a social services professional, and a legal professional are all positions we would like to fill.

So we are putting out the word and the intention to find these key people to assist us in this awesome adventure.  If you’re reading this, is there a chance that you could be part of Earth Tribe Ranch?


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