Our Indie GoGo Perks

We plan to upload images of as many perks as we can. At this point, we want to share the images of the paintings perks. These paintings are done by my mother, Lainey Latukotta and are rich in color.  She can also customize any painting to be in colors of your choosing.


For years Lainey Latukotta has been impeccable in honoring the call of her creative, artistic impulse, gifting us with landscapes of beauty, grace and charm.

Now the call has beckoned her to bring forth “landscapes” of a more galactic nature: crop circles. Working almost like an archaeologist, gently removing the potent symbolic images from their cultural content, she renders the essence of their powerful transmissions, with clarity and color, challenging the viewer to decipher, decode and enter deeply into their mystery.

The original crop circles appear all over the world, but are most often found in the grass or wheat fields of Wiltshire, London. Here is a sampling of some of her crop circle paintings:

Stonehenge Julia Set, 1996Windmill Hill, 1996

Windmill Hill (near Avebury), 2009Cherhill White Horse, 2011Grey Wethers, 2009

$10 Perks

Here is some ETR cell phone wallpaper to show your love when the phone rings!

Choose your favorite or download them all, for each day of the week?

ETRiosWallpaper03 ETRiosWallpaper04 ETRiosWallpaper05

ETRiosWallpaper08 ETRiosWallpaper01




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