Presenting to the Town of Frederick

For the past 6 weeks we have been living in Firestone, Colorado and sharing ETR with organizations in Weld County.  It has been a very positive experience.  In September, while we were in Boulder County, our meetings with town agencies and leaders were met with great enthusiasm and encouragement for the Ranch – and always followed by “why are you going to do it here?”  That seemed to be the standard response and we see now that Boulder County is seen as one of the most difficult places to make things happen.  Between permitting agencies and land use and zoning agencies, we see now that it would be virtually impossible to build the first Ranch in Boulder County.

Then, by a beautiful series of events, we were invited to stay with a friend in Carbon Valley. Weld County, Colorado and a little (and growing fast) community in the town of Frederick.  A town whose motto is “Built on What Matters.”  All of our experiences in this town have been positive. It is a town full of kind and friendly people that are family and community oriented.  It’s the kind of place we have always imagined the Ranch would be.

We had our first meeting with Matt LeCerf and Chris Kennedy back in September. It was comfortable and easy and we felt that finally a town that sees the vision and the benefit – and who can help us to zone the property for our needs.  Did you know there is a zoning code called Agritainment?  Interesting.  And great news for us!

So, on Tuesday, October 13th we presented ETR to the Board of Trustees of the Town of Frederick. It was a full house and our first slide presentation and it went well. At the end, we were asked if the Ranch would be the main animal shelter for the area and I was really happy that we were able to answer yes!  The Ranch would be a huge asset to this area. Not only for the fact that there is no animal shelter in the area, there is also no place for the kids off the local communities to go.

In our meeting with Police Chief Barbour, he made a comment about how the local kids are just hanging around, with nothing to do and that there is no place for them to go and get involved in things. Again, great news for us!  We welcome and encourage the community to be involved.  We are excited to make the Ranch open to teens in the area.  They can come and participate in the programs that are offered or just come and work with the animals if the choose.

It was a great night and we were so grateful for the warm reception and opportunity.

Thank you Town of Frederick!


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