The Best Place to Be

Since launching this small fundraiser, I’ve continued to put my energy toward the manifestation of this project.  I know, with all of my being, that ETR will be spending this year in full swing on Phase I which is the property.  We currently live in New Mexico but because of the nature of this project, and the specific need for water, we have never really seen this state as the optimal place for ETR. As it turns out, we have always intended to move to Colorado, which would be the optimal place for ETR. The timing is great and it has come together seamlessly for Michael, Olivia, Olivia’s dad Greg, and I to all move to Colorado this Spring.

I have often felt that the property for ETR could be donated, or even leased for a lesser fee while the land owner received a tax deduction for being so awesome and gifting us with a beautiful piece of land.  Giving us the opportunity to really have an affect on the lives of many beings in the State. I believe so much in this project and I also believe that the world is filled with beautiful people who can and will see this vision and believe in it, or even feel as passionate about it as I do.So I hold the faith that the money, then the property and all the creation, development and implementation will take place, joyfully and with ease.  And I feel deeply grateful.

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