The Pieces Come Together

It’s amazing to me how the pieces of our journey of bringing ETR to manifestation have all come together.  We are up in Colorado looking for a home and we happened to meet up with a woman who has a background in everything we need for the agricultural part of the Ranch.  It was a beautiful connection for us to make and after sharing our vision with her, Tracy Halward has agreed to become part of our great team. But another great piece of this is that Tracy connected with her veterinarian who is interested in helping us as well.  This is such a blessing for us as well!

We continue to be moved in the right direction and so it should come as no surprise that we happened to have breakfast with someone we will be working with for sure!  Tim Stoakes of Peg Rider Foundation is a great connection for us with his immense experience with young adults and the homeless population of Boulder County.  I feel confident that we will be working hand in hand.

Still … in awe about how things work.  We are heading home in the morning and we leave here without securing a home but we also leave here having made some critical connections and movement toward making Earth Tribe Ranch a reality.

Thank you for your support!

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