Volunteers “come out of the woodwork”

I have to say that I always feel so blessed when people tell me that they love our vision.  It encourages me to continue moving forward despite the lack of financial support at this time. In all the months we have been sharing our project with community members and organizations, I have felt like we have been guided to all the right people, places and events. Often after people find out about us and what we are doing, they tell me they want to participate in some way.  Many of them want to volunteer at the Ranch once we are up and running and I love that people want to be involved.  It’s how I have always envisioned it really, a community coming together in service to one another.

We have heard from a music therapist, animal communicator, animal assistance trainer, media professional (video, photography), and a physical wellness professional – all wanting to get involved. (and actually, there have been others)

We told someone about ETR last week and after he heard everything we shared, he said “you’re going to have people coming out of the woodwork to help you with this.”   He wasn’t kidding. I have always said that I believe in the love and goodness that exists in people. There are so many amazing, beautiful, kind and loving souls out there who want to do something to give back. We are excited about all the great skills that will be brought to us by volunteers who want to share and become part of the community.

To all of those who have reached out to us, we thank you!


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